Why Cardano?

and Why Now?

Cardano is predicted to go up in Value! So stop asking yourself if you should invest, and instead, start asking yourself when! The beauty of Cardano is that you never have to sell it. It provides the satisfaction of investing in a business that is your own and will profit for you in the future!

At the current price of ADA, a 5% ROA may not seem that impressive, but this provides an opportunity now, that won't ever come again. That opportunity is to buy into something that is undervalued, that will give a return regardless of prices going up or not. That is what makes Cardano unique.

Here is how it works: Let's say for example, you have 5k dollars, and you invest it into Cardano at 10 cents, you would potentially then own 50k ADA's. You will make 5% on 50k instead of making just 5% at 5k. Now if we look at just 5% on 5k, that may not seem like much money just yet, but when you consider the potential future price going up past 1 dollar you will be making 5% on 50k dollars! That is an impressive number at roughly 2500 a year. This means in only 2 years you would have made your 5k dollars back and you still have 2500 for every year after that!

Now most businesses you invest in would roughly take 3 years to break even and start seeing profits. The only difference is, most businesses will require at least 50k dollars to get started, with Cardano you can invest as much as you are willing to invest. It can be 5 dollars, or 5 million, it would have the same results when the price goes up! It will only take you about 2 years to break even, and have a sustainable income that you can live off of. As far as we can tell, there is no other crypto that has the same potential as Cardano!!

Disclaimer * This is not financial advice, only my view and opinion on the matter due to my own personal research. Please do your own research !!!!!