Vape Avenue Stake Pool


About Us

Vape Avenue Stake pool is running to help decentralize the Cardano Ecosystem and help keep the vaping industry alive and affordable. Our goal was to open a Vape shop that will switch all profits into ADA's and delegate them to our pool. But unfortunetly a vape shop is no longer a good business to get into with all these new regulations and attacks on the vaping industry that are trying to destroy it, so as our old goal is still on hold until things are brighter for a vape shop to flourish we will be helping the vaping industry by donating to help keep vaping legal and affordable for everyone! We will have monthly pools to donations to different associations that are working to keep vaping alive. we hope that one day our donations and efforts to keep the vaping industry alive will help many people for years to come!

About Me

Saed Khalyleh

I am a Cardano enthusiast, I have been invested in ADA since 2017 and have very high hopes for the project. I have many years of experience with running Ethereum and bitcoin miners. and have been running vape avenue since October 2020 and plan on running vape avenue for many years to come! i am also a vaping hoppiest and have been vaping for as long as i can remember and it changed my life. i used to smoke 1.5-2 packs of ciggerates a day it was slowly killing me i couldnt run for 10 feet without losing my breath , now with vaping i feel like a brand new man and would hate if the vaping industry was too fade away.

About Our Stake Pool

Vape Avenue stake pool is running on google cloud VPS. This allows us to easily maintain the servers with minimal downtime and to easily scale servers as the blockchain grows.