Vape Avenue Stake Pool


About Us

Vape Avenue Stake pool is running to help decentralize the Cardano Ecosystem. Our goal is to open a Vape shop that will switch all profits into ADA's and delegate them to our pool. We will offer a discount when using ADA as a form of payment since we don't have to pay a fee to switch USD to ADA. That will incentivize our customers to Purchase and use ADA as a form of payment. I hope that others follow my steps and eventually everyone will be using ADA and not have to sell it to another form of currency. Giving it a true value for exchanging goods and services.

About Me

Saed Khalyleh

I am a Cardano enthusiast, I have been invested in ADA since 2017 and still have very high hopes for the project. I have many years of experience with running Ethereum and bitcoin miners. Cardano is the first POS coin I invest in. I got burned with the electric bills from mining Ethereum and that is what originally brought Cardano to my attention. At the moment Cardano is the only crypto I am invested in. It is not because I do not have faith in other coins, but because of the tremendous faith I have in Cardano. I have thought about spreading my portfolio, but I can't think of any coin I would rather have then ADA.

About Our Stake Pool

Vape Avenue stake pool is running on google cloud VPS. This allows us to easily maintain the servers with minimal downtime and to easily scale servers as the blockchain grows.